Working to Improve the Driving School Industry

Big changes looming for every driving school in California. 

If you are interested in keeping current on all the news that affects your business, becoming a memeber 
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Your membership has several benefits:

1.  You will be kept up to date on all new DMV Rules and possible driving school related legislation.
2.  You have access to the most affordable Continuing Ed course available.  No more worries about 
having to take the Renewal Test at the DMV.
3. Discounts and special pricing from our sponsors
4. Your dues go to fund our legislative advocates to insure the viability and growth of our industry.

Coming Soon! Certified Driving Instructor Program

The Driving Association of California has a goal to raise industry standards and increase driver safety across the board. We are in the works of creating a certified driving instructor course and certification. We are implementing all the critical information needed to be a professional and educated instructor. Click here for a course summary.

Continuing Education Online Seminar

We’re pleased to announce The Driving School Association of California now offers the Driving School Instructor and Operator Continuing Education Online Seminar. Throughout our 66 year history, the Association has worked closely with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California State Legislature, and other road safety partners, and has been instrumental in implementing life-saving laws and regulations related to the training and licensing of novice drivers. Each of the three Seminars fulfills the 6 hour requirement.  You must complete all three seminars in order to bypass the Renewal Test at the DMV.

Simply click the Register Now button below to get started! We hope you find value in our seminars.

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Membership Benefits

DSAC is dedicated to providing Driving Schools across California with the tools for success. Our board has over seven centuries of expertise and we have combined forces to increase drive test success rates and lower fatality percentages across the state. The Association is involved in multiple projects to increase the industry standard and overall knowledge on behind the wheel safety. Make sure your voice as a CA driving school is heard. 

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