More About Our DMV Approved Online Continuing Education for Operators/Instructors

Information About The Course 

The DSAC Online Continuing Education course is an alternative to taking the DMV written renewal test for Instructor/Operators. Our DSAC president and board members have worked closely with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California State Legislature, and other road safety partners to create the material you will see throughout this certified course.

DMV Requirements

If you choose to take the online course instead of the written test, the DMV requires 18 hours, which is three 6 hour continuing education courses. Our course is updated annually and approved by the DMV. In this course, there will be updated CA laws and regulations as well as a wide range of driver training topics. 

How It Works

After you take our DMV approved course, a certificate will be sent to your email. This certificate of completion shows the Driving School Operator or Instructor received their 18 hours of seminar learning. Although our course is updated and designed to be taken annually, it is possible to take the course three times within days from each other and receive all three certificates required to renew your instructor/operators license. 

Simply click the Register Now button below to get started! We hope you enjoy our helpful seminar. And if you need assistance or have questions about this continuing professional education program, contact our friendly staff at 1-855-THE-DSAC.